Company History 

Where we began

From premises in the grounds of his home in North Leverton, Geoff started G Williams & Co (Seeds) in 1975 initially concentrating on the sale of grass seed and forage crops. The business grew rapidly servicing clients across Lincolnshire, Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire. We were always happy in those days to deliver out an order to farmers who were working over the weekend or at a bank holiday. This helped to establish our reputation of understanding the farmer's needs and delivering to their requirements at any time.

By the end of the 1970's when large scale arable farming was taking off oilseed rape quickly became the leading break crop. It wasn't long before we were supplying cereal seed and oilseed rape seed to our expanding customer base. By the start of the 1980's more staff were required and we began employing students from the agricultural merchanting course at Brackenhurst Agricultural College to help us out. Both Andrew Sedgwick and Ian Morton came to us from Brackenhurst and they are still with the company today with Andrew helping to establish our grain business G Williams & Co (Grain) Ltd and Ian Morton developing our regional customer base.

With the continued growth of arable farming and the decline of livestock numbers throughout the region the way forward for the company was to develop our own seed production facilities, building our first seed plant in 1996 to process 6000 tonnes of cereal seed per year. 


Where we are today

A decade later, in 2006 we re-located all seed production onto our own farm at East Markham. At the same time we were able to increase production capacity and incorporate the latest cleaning and seed treatment technology. We currently process in excess of 8000 tonnes of certified cereal seed and over 30,000 Ha of certified rapeseed per year.

In 2008, with all our seed production totally in-house and our grain company continuing to expand it was time to locate our trading and administration offices into modern premises in Retford and we purchased Beaufort House which is now the hub of our growing business. 




G Williams & Co (Seeds), Beaufort House, Amelia Court, Swanton Close, Retford, Notts, DN22 7HJ.
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