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In light of reforms to the Common Agricultural Policy, and an increased interest in catch and cover crops for agronomic purposes, we are pleased to offer a new range of cover crop mixtures shown below.

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  • 80% Rye
  • 20% Winter Vetch
A popular cover crop mixture comprising rye and winter vetch; the ideal mixture to go through the winter with good weed suppression.

Autumn DM

  • 80% Black Oat
  • 15% Vetch
  • 5% Phacelia

Suitable for early autumn sowing with high dry matter production and good for soil structure.

Eco Cover

  • 80% Rye
  • 20% White Mustard

A quick to establish, fast growing and low cost option, this variety has fast establishment and good soil cover.

Catch More

  • 40% White Mustard
  • 10% Phacelia
  • 50% Rye

Very quick growing making it an ideal catch up crop, with good ground coverage over winter.

Pan Buster

  • 45% Tillage Radish
  • 27.5% Oil Radish
  • 27.5% Fodder Radish
A good option for improving soil structure, suppressing weeds and controlling nematodes.


  • 70% White Mustard
  • 30% Brown Mustard

Cost effective solution for fast establishment and good ground cover to suppress weeds. Improve soil structure and take moisture out of the soil.

Early Fixer

  • 20% Berseem Clover
  • 60% Black Oat
  • 20% Phacelia

Ideal mixture for early autumn sowing, allowing Nitrogen to be fixed quickly before the mixture is taken out by frost.

Soil Revive

  • 80% Black Oat
  • 5% Fodder Radish
  • 5% Tillage Radish
  • 5% Brown Mustard
  • 5% Phacelia

Diverse mixture to improve soil structure and provide plenty of top growth. Breaks up soil compaction and improves quality.

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