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Friday 25th April 2014

Read what Geoff has to say about the newly recommended Incentive Oilseed Rape variety in the Farmers Weekly this week.

Monday 19th March 2012

G Williams & Co Seeds make their YouTube debut. View Sandbeck Farms in Lincolnshire loading seed JB Diego into one of our lorries on the run - filmed on 19th August, 2011.

To learn more about JB Diego and other feed wheat varieties please click here.

Seed Bulletins:

E-Bulletin, December 2011

2012 HGCA Recommended List Review - New Varieties to Consider for 2012

Torch Winter Wheat            
Torch has entered the Recommended List as the top yielding Group 3 wheat. This early maturity variety has good straw strength and resistance to lodging and is Orange Wheat Blossom Midge resistant as well as having milling quality. Clarification is still required on Yellow Rust resistance.
Availability for 2012: Plentiful

KWS Meridian Winter Barley
This new six-row variety is the highest yielding conventional feed barley on the list. It offers hybrid like performance at lower seed cost and is highly resistant to mildew (9) and net blotch (8). With tall but stiff straw KWS Meridian also provides valuable straw yield for livestock farmers. Please find attached further information from the breeder.
Availability for 2012: Very limited 

DK Ex-Storm Hybrid Oilseed Rape
Following our predictions in the Summer DK Ex-Storm has entered Recommended List Trials and looks extremely competitive in yield with high oil content, pod shatter resistance and very high stem canker resistance. Well done to those farmers who purchased Ex-Storm from us and are already growing the variety this year!
Availability for 2012: Limited

Avatar Hybrid Oilseed Rape
Early maturing Avatar is the highest yielding variety in the 2012 Recommended List Trials. Results so far inducate that Avatar has all the characteristics to be a 'real farmers' variety and we expect that demand for seed will be high. As distributers of the variety we currentyly have adequate stock.
Availability for 2012: Limited

E-Bulletin, July 2011

Early Harvest Results Show DK ExStorm as a Stand-out New Hybrid

With the UK harvest off to a slow start this year we have been looking to France for early results on potential oilseed rape varieties. For us, the stand-out variety is Monsanto’s new hybrid: DK ExStorm. This variety is in its second year of recommended list trials here in the UK and we expect yield results shortly, however the findings from across Northern France show DK ExStorm as the top yielder in all official trials.

Results show:

•          Very high yields
•          Outstanding resistance to pod shatter in adverse weather conditions
•          Very high oil content
•          Highly durable resistance to phoma

As a result we have made arrangements to process a quantity of DK ExStorm in the next couple of weeks which we can treat with Modesto or Cruiser plus our  new seed treatment Pro-Seed. Pro-Seed promotes early root emergence, enhances establishment, and maximises nutrient efficiency from soil through a highly mobile form of phosphorus known as phosphite.

E-Bulletin, May 2011

Oilseeds Update 2012

It’s got to that time of year again when it’s time to make your oilseed rape seed selections. With so much material on the market it can be a difficult decision choosing the right varieties for your farm.

To help you decide we have shortlisted from the HGCA recommended list the varieties that we think stand out from the crowd. Please see below our own recommendations which we have categorised by maturity. Talking to farmers we understand that this is one of the most important factors along with yield and value for money.

Please click here to see our maturity table.

As you will see we currently have five hybrids on our list. Due to the adverse weather conditions this season hybrids appear to be coming into their own, showing signs that they are coping better with the harsh winter and current drought than some conventional varieties. Rhino is a new hybrid that has shown excellent results in trials - outperforming current favourite Excalibur. Despite limited availability demand for this variety is high and we only have approximately 400 bags (1200 ha) left to sell. This might be the year to try the hybrid option! 


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