Seed Production

The majority of seed that we sell is produced under our own control by our own contract seed growers. It is then cleaned and treated at our seed plant and despatched by regular hauliers. Attention to detail allows the seed production team to run an efficient operation and we aim to pass these production cost savings on to the customer. 

Contract Growers

A large percentage of the seed that we produce is grown locally for us in Lincolnshire, Yorkshire and Nottinghamshire. We are proud of our good working relationships with growers and are always keen to speak with farmers who are interested in growing seed for us. We are currently looking for spring seed crops of peas, beans, wheat and barley if you have acreage available and this would be of interest to you please contact us for more details.

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Seed Cleaning

The seed plant is manned by a full time production manager with an assistant and we employ three further temporary staff during the busy autumn season keeping annual labour costs to a minimum.

All collections of 'field certified' bulk seed arrive on our own transport from contract seed growers. The bulk seed is then sampled on in-take for germination, moisture and purity before being tipped.

Seed Cleaning takes place in three stages:

1) Harvest dust, broken ears and straw are removed by a process of centrifugal aspiration.

2) The seed is then cleaned over sieves and screens to remove any weed seed and small grains followed by grading to size for ease of drilling giving better establishment and very even crops.

3) Finally the seed is passed through a set of indented cylinders to remove any last weed seeds and half corns left after the grading process.

Seed Treatment

Our BASF Rosengran K25 seed treater incorporates the very latest computer technology ensuring accurate treatment of each individual grain with the precise amount of active ingredient.

Seed treatments are very environmentally friendly, by applying a small quantity of chemical to the seed it is taken in directly by the roots which means much lower amounts of active ingredient are required compared to foliar applied products.

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After treatment  the seed is packed into bulk bags labelled as certified to the required standards and despatched to our wholesale and retail customers across the Eastern region. We sell directly to farmers in Lincolnshire and Nottinghamshire and through local merchants in the surrounding counties.

As one of the few remaining privately owned specialist seed companies we are proud of our reputation for the supply of quality seed and will continue to invest for the future.

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